For us, brand, product, sales, and marketing as well as design are interdependent parts of a whole, all of which are contributing to economic success of the company. It is our goal to combine all factors to maximise the benefit for your company. We attend to your individual needs in a client-oriented manner and see ourselves as a sparring partner at eye-level. We do not have prefabricated standard solutions. We strengthen your on-site team and would like to help you achieve your ambitious goals.

We are coming from the outside and are independent from company hierarchies, banks, audit firms, and career ambitions. Our primary objective is to support our clients responsibly, honestly and reliably in designing and management of their companies – nationally as well as internationally, during growth periods as well as during challenging situations. You determine our commitment and degree of cooperation. Personal passion for brand environment and design motivates each of our employees and it is the source of motivation for every project.

In contrast to many management consultancies organised as concerns in the market, we do not have a huge and expensive administrative machinery that our clients have to pay. We live lean management in our company as well – based on the principle of classical business skills. It is not our goal to expand at any price. Quality of advice and entrepreneurial thinking have first priority for us; our actions are subordinated to our clients’ company’s wellbeing in all respects.