BORA 10|10 Editions

“Tour de Cuisine” and “Boys’n’Bikes” were the first corporate books that derks bmc designed and implemented for BORA. The “10|10 Editions” then followed suit. These compact cookbooks contain recipes that all follow a specific concept, i.e. they take 10 minutes to prepare and 10 minutes to cook. But it’s not just a question of speed, the dishes must also be healthy, tasty and attractive.

We have just photographed the latest edition at Johann Lafer’s Stromburg castle complex. Lafer is a true professional, and not just in the kitchen: during a 12-hour marathon session, we not only completed the photo shoot but we also created several mouthwatering videos with the Michelin-star chef. This edition rounds off the portfolio of previous books featuring two-Michelin-star chef Andreas Senn, UCI road world champion Peter Sagan and the whole BORA – hansgrohe cycling team.